18 October 2011

Boney: Following the footsteps of a lost TV series - 2nd Edition

Boney - Following a lost TV series
The “Boney” TV series made in 1971 was inspired by Arthur Upfield's famous Bony crime detection novels set in the Australian outback. Yet despite worldwide acclaim it has never been shown in the United States.

This new edition of Roger Mitchell's book about the TV series is a brilliantly researched and beautifully illustrated PDF file that can be viewed on a computer - PC and Mac. It tells the fascinating stories of how Upfield created his half Aboriginal - half European Detective Inspector Napoleon Bonaparte, and how the Boney TV show was planned and filmed. It has new interviews with the producer, directors and controversial star - James Laurenson - and exclusive behind-the-scenes photos. It also contains articles on each Boney episode, biographies of the show's creators, details of the company’s other series, a Press section, an overview of each Bony novel.

The files are on a disc that can be read on a PC or Mac computer screen. Instructions in Word are included on the disc.

Email frayncd@hotmail.com if you have a question, or to simply get a copy for US$20.00 with free shipping. Pay by cash or credit through Paypal (account name is vzd963@hotmail.com).

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